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Success Cases

Portrait of muslim man with his wife, so

In February 2019:

We represented a young lady who had been in Canada for the past twenty five (25) years. She came as a child and was ordered deported in 2017.
We were able to get a Stay of Deportation for the next two (2) years and once she keeps the peace, her status will no longer be in question.

In January 2019:

We represented a woman and her daughter whose application for sponsorship under the Family Class was refused on the premise that her marriage was not a 'bona fide' marriage.

We took over the case at this point through a referral from one of our former clients who has been a client of ours for the past twenty five (25) years.  We were able to resolve the case favourably and prove that the marriage was in fact genuine. The client in question was landed in January 2019 and reunited with family.

In October 2018:

We represented a client, whose marriage to her spouse was ruled as one of convenience.
Due to this unfavorable decision, we appealed it on behalf of the client. At the appeal hearing we prepared a strong case against the decision showing evidence to the contrary


Due to efficient preparation, strong knowledge of the law, and the determination to fight for our client in January 2019 we received a positive decision.  Now that spouse will be able to join his wife here in Canada very shortly.

These are only a few of our most recent cases

Keith C.A. Frank and Associates has been in practice for the past thirty seven (37) years and has been very successful in representing individuals in all fifteen (15) facets of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act.

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